Oh, Oh, Orange - Need a lift for the day? Try our orange ginger candy to enlighten your senses. The burst of tangy sweetness will keep you alert and satisfied. As always, we only use best ingredients of the highest quality. It‛s the perfect solution for a slow day.
Just Ginger - For centuries ginger has been known around the world as a friend to the body and the mind. Now, Gem Gem has put the essence of ginger into a delectable treat. Our candy packs a zesty flavor with a satisfying sweetness. It‛s a snack handed down from nature.
Gimme More Mango - At Gem Gem, we think mango and ginger make the perfect blend. We've struck the right balance between the mellow sweetness of mango and the refreshing spice of ginger. Made of best quality ingredients, this is a sumptuous treat your body can count on.